The State Board of Accounts and LTAP have recently released a new Highway Annual Report. CHARTS will handle all the new AR requirements and provide reports meeting all the requirements of the new Annual Report.

If you are interested in seeing CHARTS in order to not only help with the AR but also assist you with claims, payroll, balancing with the auditor, and knowing exactly how much money you have in every account up to the minute check out CHARTS on the Products page.









January 15, 2004

GFC would like to announce the release of their latest software application.

GFC has recently released PLAZA.  PLAZA (Planning and Zoning Administration System) is designed for Planning and Zoning departments to use to Issue and Track all permits, inspections, and licenses.

More functionality will continue to be built into PLAZA as users request features and GFC implements ideas already presented.

There are currently two units using PLAZA in Indiana.  They have been the beta testers and are very satisfied with the results.  Testing is now completed and PLAZA is ready for use.

For more information about PLAZA go to  PLAZA on the Products Page.